Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Illusions and Realities of Pain

As I drove back home I couldn't help but over think some things that are causing me to feel terrified. I thought about all the bad things that could happen that would cause the current scenario to end in pain and suffering. As I drowned in panic, fear, and self pity, I finally reached my home. I was met by a very sad and seemingly careworn valet. I knew he had
a sick newborn baby boy, who on the day of his birth brought the valet great happiness. I thought he must be sick. I decided to intrude, I asked him if everything is ok and if his son is still feeling sick. In a very sad yet accepting tone he informed me that his son had passed away yesterday, adding that his wife is overwhelmed by it all, and that it had cost them 17,000 EGP trying to save his very young and precious life. I tried my best to think of something heartwarming to say, but what could I possibly say that would calm his tormented burning heart?
As I stepped into my building I saw the building's technician, I remembered how he recently lost his son is a drowning accident. As I climbed a few more steps I came across the doorman who had lost his pregnant daughter recently due to incompetence and extreme malpractice, and he was left with her toddler daughter to raise. What was I thinking as I drove back home? Scenarios of possible pain? Self pity? Ha! What do I know of pain? Bullshit!

Please God grant me power to overcome my own selfishness, help me find sufficient strength to help others, and enough means to do so. Please grant them some peace of mind and heart, bring happiness to them, they surely do need it.

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