Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is Creamy, gooey, and better than Ice-cream?! Try this HAPPY icecream! Guilt-free!

HAPPY Icecream!

Whats creamy, gooey, and better than icecream? A creamy, gooey, guilt-free, healthy, low sugar, low calorie, and natural icecream! How to make it? Betting you will find this easier than learning ABCs!


  • 1 Banana (1 banana =  1 scoop of icecream)


  • Cut the banana into small circles and place them over plastic wrap so they won't end up stuck to the plate.
  • Leave the banana in the freezer for about 2 hours (or until the banana is completely frozen).
  • When the banana is all frozen up, pop it into a food processor and keep it going till you reach a creamy icecream texture.
  • Plate up and enjoy!
Tip: Serve with candid nuts (YUM!)
Just crush up your favorite nuts (I used walnuts & almonds), drizzle honey all over them, pop into a toaster oven, leave it in for a couple of minutes, and voila! Make sure you don't end up nibbling on them all before they actually get to top your icecream!

Yes, you can flavor your HAPPY icecream! These are just a few variations I did. For the strawberry you will need to freeze some fresh strawberries with your bananas, then cream up in the food processor like you would the bananas alone.
I was out of cocoa powder :'( *sniff* thats the only reason why its not in the pic. I will post it later  though :) to stay super healthy and guilt-free use pure cocoa powder.

Strawberries and Bananas go blissfully together like ying and yang.

Did you try the recipe? Whats your favorite HAPPY icecream flavor?
Don't forget to share with me any yummy (or even crazy) HAPPY icecream flavors you discover!
Go crazy I say! chop up fruits, nuts, or 70% chocolate into it… Paint your canvas however you want…

If the bananas are not sweet enough for you (I personally find them perfectly sweet) you can sweeten it up with honey (or your preferred sweetener).

Oh, before I forget… You kind of need to eat the icecream right away if you have sensitive taste buds like me. Why wouldn't you devour it right away anyway?! For me the taste changed after (at most) an hour, but other people say it freezes well, so I guess its up to you and your taste buds.

Bananas (unwhipped) are said to freeze well for a long time. I never froze them for days, months, or years, so take someone else's word on that bit, or take the risk and discover for yourself.


Enjoy <3