Saturday, March 15, 2014

1st day of re-feeding after 14 days of fasting.

I set my "smart alarm" to wake me up around 8, I know we are a huge group and they needed some volunteers to help make the food. My alarm
wakes me up with singing birds when it senses that I am between sleep cycles, so I wouldn't wake up in shock or with a headache, I love that. I wanted to have a shower before I head there, but I couldn't get myself out of bed for the following 30 minutes, so I ended up just getting dressed and running to help. There were quite a few people there already, some wanting to give a helping hand, others simply can't wait to have their first "meal" (it is just a juice). We were told that this is still some kind of fasting since we would be consuming less than 500 calories a day.

I was on the apple cutting committee, if we can call it that. We had to cut 4 groups of 8 apples, sounds a lot, but with a great apple cutting partner and not needing to remove the seeds, it was pretty easy. By the time we were done we still had to wait a bit more since some people hadn't even woken up yet, but of course the group didn't leave a chance to wake them up and rush them in so we can start having our juice. Our breakfast juice, first food in 14 days, was a simple slow-juiced apple and spinach, we had no idea what taste to expect, but we have learned that our taste buds have been renewed and will definitely taste things differently. We gathered around, filled our cups with our very first juice, counted down, cheered, then started taking our very first sips. It was lovely, sweet and textured, one person even cried at the joy of those very first sips. I loved it, but I felt it is too heavy, I felt my stomach go into a sudden state of shock with the incoming "food" after such a long time of receiving only water. Believe it or not, it took me 2 1/2 hours to finish my cup of juice!

As soon I was done I realized it was time to head back there if I wanted to help in the kitchen again. I felt so heavy, I couldn't imagine drinking another cup of anything at that point. Apparently the food was taken care of and they didn't need any help, I stood there for a while watching what they were doing, then I decided there is no point, and headed out to mingle with the rest of the group and enjoy the sun (I say that even though for a long while I avoided the sun since my jeans were absorbing the heat of it like crazy). For lunch we had slow-juiced tomatoes, and by tomatoes I mean plain tomatoes, nothing else added whatsoever! It was amazing! You could taste the sweet salty taste of a heaven sent God-made natural fruit, and who is a better creator, or a better cook than God? I thought I wouldn't drink my lunch now, but after tasting it I couldn't stop slowly sipping on it, and soon it was all gone. we hung out for a while, before I started feel in lazy and sleepy, so I headed to my room. I opened the TV on nothing serious, after all we have mostly sucky channels, and dozed off like a baby. I actually slept for four hours! They had to call me on the landline to wake me up since I had missed dinner and they were going to watch a movie. Still sleepy, I got dressed, and headed there as soon as I could.

When I arrived they were already watching the movie, and my juice was set aside covered with a napkin, I had no clue what our dinner was, and honestly I still wasn't hungry. I decided to watch the movie first, but suddenly I felt so thirsty, I tried drinking water, but I couldn't find bottled water and I was sincerely hating our new water filter, so after a couple of unsatisfying sips of water I decided to go for my dinner juice. It was sweet, citrusy, and just delicious, I loved it (it turned out to be grapes, oranges kiwi, and apples…yum!). It reminded me of a natural juice that I fell in love with in london called "innocent". I loved their juices, and even their logo since it somehow reminded me of the logo of my own brand Angel's. As I happily sipped on my juice, I watched the movie, I had no clue what it was about, I didn't even know the name of the movie. It turned out to be "About Time", an amazing movie that you HAVE TO see! I could totally relate with the sister "kitkat" and her terrible choice in men, and even how she perceived herself as the fallen one in her family, the one that doesn't do well in life, keeps stumbling into endless problems, and perceives herself as a family disappointment. I started feeling like crying, but I held it deep inside me. But later on when issues arise with his father tears started rolling down my cheeks, silently. For that moment I missed my parents terribly, and I just wanted to hug them and stay in their loving arms. I cried even more when kitkat finally met a decent guy that adored her, and guess what? He wasn't an asshole! This movie was just amazing, but very touchy for me.

With that our official day ended, and we all headed to our rooms, proud and sleepy heroes.

One thing that I was terrified of today was if my ulcerish stomach would act out after drinking my juices or not, after all it has been 2 weeks since I last took my medications. I am proud to say that the day passed safely and I did not need to take any medications at all. I am not sure if that will remain the case, but it definitely worth trying. After all, as the doctor pointed out, if I end up taking the medications again it is fine, we only fasted, it's not like we had a failed surgery or something; no extreme measures here.

I will probably TRY to watch something good and then sleep. Yesterday I got stuck with a movie called "Snakes on a Plane"… guess what it was about?! :) So lets hope and pray I don't end up with another movie like that today.

Stay happy.

14 days of fasting completed, and a day of refeeding. 6 more days to go.


  1. so filled with emotions, I am overwhelmed !!
    Great experience