Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do You Peel Vegetables? Don't throw them out! Here's what you can do with your vegetable peels...

I've been working on changing my bad habits, including of course bad eating habits. I am trying to mostly consume vegetables. With this new good habit of mine, as you can imagine, I end up with endless vegetable peels that go to waste everyday. Every time I throw those vegetable peels in the bin I feel guilty, which got me thinking of what can be done with all those vegetable peels.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your vegetable peels:

1- Peel Less, Benefit More.
Unlike what many people think, the peels are not useless nor tasteless. In fact, many cooks suggest that vegetable skins can actually add a better taste to your cooking. Not only so, but also many vegetables have major amounts of certain nutrients in their skin! So next time you cook, consider leaving the peels on, not only will you save plenty of time in the kitchen, but you will also benefit with added nutrients and taste.

2- Keep Your Peels Ziplocked In The Freezer.
Inevitably, sooner or later, you will peel a vegetable. Save all those vegetable peels in a ziplock bag in your freezer. Whenever you need vegetable stock, pop those peels in boiling water, and let simmer for hours. Strain your stock, add seasoning and you will end up with a super tasty, easy, time saving, and money saving vegetable stock.

3- Feed The Birds.
Cut up those peels and put them in a plate you don't use (pick a plate that won't be blown away by the wind nor melt from the sun). The birds will rush in every morning to feast; they will love it!

4- Create A Compost Bin.
Do you have a garden or plants? If yes, then creating a compost bin is for you. It is inexpensive, and will provide your plants with rich and nutritious food. Not only will you be able to make good use of your vegetable peels, but you could also make use of some of your leftovers, garden waste, and more. 

5- Give Them Away. 
My cook raises poultry, and when she is not, she knows someone that is raising poultry, rabbits, and what not. Keep your vegetable peels in a plastic bags and give them to someone you know (or someone that knows someone) that raises poultry, or even rabbits, or any other vegetable eating creature. You'd be doing them a huge favor, while putting your peels into a good use instead of going to waste.

6- Throw Them Out Nicely.
None of the above options work for you? No problem. Just make sure your throw out your peels in a separate garbage bin or plastic bag, so if anyone finds it and thinks it can be useful they can easily pick it up and use it.

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