Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A delicious meal- 4th day of re-feeding after 14 days of fasting

Today was a calm yet pleasant day. I woke up, tidied the mess I did to my room yesterday, then headed to the meeting room. I found my gorgeous purple breakfast waiting for me. I had no clue what was in it, but it was love at first sight. The color was amazing, the taste was pure perfection. It turned out to be slow juiced guava and red grapes! Who could've imagined this combination working together so harmoniously. For the first time since I started re-feeding I was not trying to finish the whole cup and feeling overly full, today I finished my cup feeling happily satiated. We had a lecture summing more things up and adding some new and very useful information that can help us survive on our own, out of
our safe nutritional haven. Following that it was already lunch time, a little too soon for me since I felt like I had just finished my breakfast, but ended up having my lunch then anyway. For lunch we had blended banana and blueberry smoothie, it was really yummy and most people actually preferred it to our breakfast, but I beg to differ, I did by far enjoy breakfast a whole lot better. Maybe its just me, but I usually don't like the taste of blended bananas unless they are in the mid of some other chaos that hides a certain bitter note that I taste.

After lunch everyone headed to their rooms, or went wherever they needed to. I decided to enjoy my music on the beachside like I did the day before, but I wasn't as enthused about the music as I was yesterday. I preferred the swooshing sound of the wind blowing between the tree's leaves, the rhythmic sound of the tiny waves of the sea, and the peaceful sound of the tweeting bird that I could not see. I took my earphones off and decided to enjoy the blissful sound of nature. The sun was in my eyes so I had to cover my eyes with my hands to prevent the overly blazing sun from bursting into my eyes. I was laying down in a state between reality and sleep, just pure relaxation. I had a few things on my mind that prevented me from falling asleep and only slightly ruined the peacefulness of this moment, so I decided to go to my room and sleep there instead. I kept the curtains opened to see the beauty of the sun and sky as I lay down in bed, in no time I was asleep.

I woke up later to find that the time was almost 6 pm, dinner time. I started getting dressing, during which I received a message that said "dinner is served" along with a picture of our set dinner table. I headed there and almost everyone was already seated. We were served individual plates of tomatoes topped with delicious spinach hummus, I will definitely do this as an appetizer and a sandwich stuffing in the future. Each table had a large serving bowl of salad, and on the side was an orange dressing that looked like melted cheese, it was hummus made with carrot juice; amazing! I was already full when I finished my tomato and hummus plate, but I had to try the salad with this new dressing. I tried it and I couldn't stop, I was addicted to it. This is my first day to overeat during the re-feeding, but I just adored the dressing, I wanted more and more! It had no added oil, so it was also guilt free, not only delicious. I actually had a second serving of salad just to have more dressing! I am officially hooked and have decided that I must buy the slow juicer even if I only use it to make this dressing.
(and yes the plan of soup was delayed, hopefully we will have that tomorrow)

Right after dinner we went for a walk, for some weird reason we never went beyond our territory even though we are not banned from doing so. We went to the reception area, sat in an outdoor cafe, ordered hot peppermint tea, and just enjoyed being out of our usual meeting room. We headed back by 8:30 for a really important lecture that taught us how to read labels and exclude all the misleading and very false information written all over the packages. It baffles me how major companies intentionally give out false information and literally cheat, just to get customers to buy more of their product. I can't believe how governments have let this happen over time, and how fooled we have been throughout our lives. They see what is trending between people "low fat" "low carb" or whatever bullshit we have been fed, and they manipulate their products to fit those criteria, even though it might be the same product or even more health damaging AND MORE FATTENING. There are even products that claim to have no added sugars, no carbs, no oil, less fat, or even 0% calories, and it is all pure lies, they just find loopholes, use a different sweetener that the government doesn't consider as a sweetener (even though it has the same calories and impact of regular sweeteners, or even worse) and the product goes ahead and calls itself "SUGAR FREE" when in reality it is far from so. I will have to find this lecture, watch it over and over again, show it to my family and friends, even if I have to buy the lecture; it is just that important.

By the end of the lecture we were already all ready to head quietly to our rooms and call it a night. Now I am ready for one episode of How I Met Your Mother then I think I'll try to sleep early (earlier) today.

14 days of fasting and 4 days of re-feeding completed, 3 more days to go.

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