Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fasting: Day 14

I woke up with a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. My first thought was that my stomach finally created an ulcer and it is bleeding, but that was not it,
I had no pain. During my daily checkup I told the doctor about this weird taste and she told me that it is toxins and stuff coming out of my system, and this is one way for my body to get rid of them.  The taste is just terrible and got worst throughout the day. Drinking water has become a burden, it is like trying to drink a heavy metallic foul drink. I barely drank a liter of water today.

I woke up super late, 1 pm, I couldn't sleep early because yesterday I had a 3 1//2 hour nap that ended 9:30, so it was quite hard to sleep any time soon.

One girl couldn't wait till tomorrow, she was already advised by the doctor to break her fast but she was resisting. She came in by the end of the day more than ready to break her fast, and she did. Apparently she broke into tears when she had her first sip of juice! Incredibley cute! We thought it is unusual until another girl told us that when she broke her fast she cried too and also bowed down and prostrated to thank God! According to them the first sip makes them feel spiritual, emotional, and speechless.

Again, we had no lectures or plans today, so we just hung out in the meeting room, talking. It was fun. Eventually we all wanted to rest, headed to our rooms, and promised to be later at night to pass the time. I headed home and slept, I couldn't get myself out of bed, I had a minor headache and just felt like I just wanted to lay down till hell freezes over. That was until I got a video on our whatsap group with many of our group hanging out, and the daughter of one of our own singing with a seriously lovely voice. I confirmed they are still there, jumped into my clothes, and headed straight to the meeting room. We had a blast! Three talented singers in the same place is just a retreat haven. We had a few amazing songs before we were thrown out by the doctor who sleeps in a room directly connected to the meeting room! Our day ended, but still with joy.

We have to get ready for tomorrow! Let the re-feeding begin!

14 days of fasting proudly and successfully completed, 7 days of re-feeding to go!

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