Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fasting: Day 11

I woke up today at 10 am, I kept trying to go back to sleep because I was really sleepy and exhausted but failed. So I got up and joined yoga instead. I was ok, but drained and edgy. I could barely focus during the lecture, and tried my best to focus with our guest speaker, but it was quite a challenge. I really needed
more sleep and rest. I have been over working myself with the blog, the healthy nutrition plate guidelines, and phone calls. I ended up having a 2 hour nap! Woke up in a better mood, more relaxed, but still in need to unwind and sleep more.

For some very weird reason, yesterday and today I have this feeling of a very full stomach, like I just had an enormous meal and I'm totally full. Its great, but certainly weird, since last time I ate anything was 12 days ago! The body is a real mystery, really!

Our guest speaker was really inspiring as usual, and funny too. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and had terrible side effects, such as numbness in his legs, loss of control over his lower body functions (was in bed for quite some time), and loss of sight in one of his eyes (only seeing a blur). As a person, and according to his upbringing, it was quite impossible to imagine him turning into a vegan or even going on such a fast, but it really changed his life in many ways. As a start, his MS complications faded, except for his eye sight which is slowly getting better. His wife, God bless her, spent a couple of weeks in the kitchen trying to figure out what to feed her vegan husband, and they became a vegan family, including their kids. He gave us two examples regarding their now vegan kids, once they wanted a pizza, so he ordered them the pizza they wanted, they were incapable of eating more than a slice, and they finished up with fresh lettuce and stuff that they are now used to eating regularly. The second example is when they went to an open buffet, with a lot of unvegan and sweet temptations, out of all the food that was their they wanted to eat beans! This only further proves how kids copy their parent; what and how they were brought up to eat (even though they have been vegan for only 4 months!). This guy influenced many people to change their life style; his father, wife, and friends. It is amazing how one person's change can end up changing the lives of many others.

One highlight for me today was knowing that one lady has actually created a great sloppy joes recipe! I love sloppy joes and I never ever make it, mainly because it is not healthy at all. So knowing that it exists in a healthy lifestyle was a "just a jump in joy then do a happy dance" kind of moment. Many recipes apparently are easy to tweak and turn into a vegan healthy meal, not to mention the great variety of vegetables and fruits that God has created for us. I am really looking forward to eating mixed berries. But I am day dreaming more about eating a nice hearty soup. The day I arrive in Cairo I should (God willingly) go to my grandma, and have decided to give my parents a special menu that would be done for me, so I arrive finding something good to eat. I am thinking of lentil soup or red pepper soup, either would be super yummy. Maybe a brown pasta with coconut milk, mushrooms, and colored bell peppers, this recipe I already do love, I'm sure it would be as good with the brown pasta. And maybe a nice salad to go with those. For dessert maybe a fruit salad, fruits, or some healthy dessert recipe if I stumble upon one before traveling back. One thing for sure is that I am excited to rediscover my food options, and play around in the kitchens. I am hoping for some recipes to get me started on my journey, but willing to experiment myself and come up with recipes on my own. I already have a plan to tweaking my favorite dressing and make it vegan and oil free, I hope it turns out as yummy as I imagine it to be.

Today 4 people broke their fast for different reasons, but it was planned from the beginning to be so. They seemed excited about their meals, even though the first day and a half at least the meals are just juices. It is exciting and inspiring to see people that excited about things that they wouldn't have ever considered even looking at before. I am glad.

My parents are willing to do the lifestyle change! I am finding that really exciting, and a bit challenging, since I really want them to like it and will be afraid to screw up recipes at the beginning. It is a great thing though, I really hope it works out for the best.

I am still a bit exhausted and would love to sleep, but I feel the need for some entertainment before I sleep. I hope whatever movie I watch is somewhat short so that I can get some good sleep hopefully.

11 days of fasting, 3 more days to go.

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