Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Pleasant Surprise :) Day 6

We had an evening surprise today. One of the guys in our group turned out to be
this super awesome vocalist, song writer, and musician. Bassem Youssef even featured him once on his show. He is "Abo" of Abo Wel Shabab! If that didn't click, you should definitely check the videos below and get to know him, a real talent.

It was not a surprise that he can sing and play the guitar, I already saw him getting off the plane holding his guitar, but what I was amazed by was the heart felt (often hilarious) lyrics, his very strong and incredible voice, and the fact that he was even featured on El Bernameg which we did not even know until this moment. He sang for us about 5 songs, and I deeply enjoyed every single one of them. By the end we were all high spirited, happy, cheerful, some were walking around singing; it totally made our night, theres a big chance that this was better than meditation (no offense Miral, you are amazing xo). I am unsure if he would like his name to be mentioned, so I will have to take permission before I post his name or any videos. I must add that his voice and the music is by far way better in reality than it is on TV or whatever video you watch.

I really wish I had a sining voice, I enjoy singing and music so much, they lift me up, even though I know nothing about them.

I'll leave you with this... enjoy! :)

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