Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fasting: Day 9

Today was a funny weird day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. We had unexpected non-stop showering rains that flooded the hallways, the pool, the balconies, and even the rooms. Lights went off, air conditioners got ruined for good, they need to fix something centrally, and the network was either extinct or barely there.
to walk from room to room, or from room to our meeting room you need to be sure you are wearing something that will resist the pool of water you are trying to walk through. Water started creeping in from the door, causing my whole room's entrance to drawn, nothing serious though, I fixed the issue with a couple of towels. Some people were less lucky, apparently here they are not ready what so ever to receive any kind of heavy rain, so many rooms actually literally got flooded, and their ceilings were dripping water all over the place! Even in the reception they say that the ceiling was dripping water, even from the light sources! There were sounds of non-stop thunder, its as if a little child was continuously pressing on a a button that makes the sound of thunder, with no moment of rest. And our pool's light stands filled with water and started to act weird, and a couple of them even started to smoke! But at the end it wasn't a bad day; we even celebrated a birthday on a supposedly ice cake that failed to freeze. The joke was that we didn't need more water, we were living on water, it was raining insanely, rooms were flooded in water, and even the birthday cake was water! That is real life satire.

I woke up late and missed our first day of relaxation yoga. But we had a great morning lecture which I have no recognition of, except that it was important and informative. We were expecting a guest speaker at 7pm to give us one of those inspirational talks about their life changing experience. He didn't show up because of the natural-disaster-movie-like weather. It was decided that we will watch a lecture, but the lecture refused to play! We tried everything, it just simply had an objection about being played today. So, eventually we decided it should be a movie night. We watched a movie called "Limitless", it was nice, even though I was in a deep need for a lighter movie, a comedy maybe.

Today is my second day without using honey or herbal teas (because of my ulcerish stomach), I have to say that I felt no difference in my energy level or hunger level. I am really glad I decided to skip on them, and hoping sincerely that my stomach would heal itself in this coming period.

I have this app on my mobile that divided the weight I want to lose into different milestones, to encourage me and make me feel like I have reached some kind of goal. The good news is that as of today I officially completed my first milestone! 6 more to go, yes, but thats a great start.

Do you want to laugh? I have issues with the dark. So today while there were no lights I headed to my room, without my mobile's flash light because it was charging in the meeting room, to get myself warm shoes and anything else I can grab in the dark that can keep me warm. I went to my room and it was so dark, so I left my room's door open to let in some moonlight or anything, and while I reached for my shoes, suddenly the door slammed shut! My darkness issues together with the weird horror movie weather I freaked out and ran as fast as I can to open the door and escape! Thank God I got back to my senses, glad that no one witnessed this, and got what I needed from the room. Ofcourse it is also funny that I am glad no one saw me running for my life just because a door slammed shut, and yet here I am telling the story for all to read.

I am exhausted, its been a day filled with suspense and slight horror, I just want to lay down and watch something mindlessly till I am ready to sleep.

9 days of fasting, 5 more days to go.

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