Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fasting: Day 8

I stayed up so late last night, finished what I was doing by 4 am, and by the time I went into bed and actually slept it must've been 4:30 am! I couldn't wake up, I was so exhausted. I know we should take it easy, limit our efforts, do the minimal, especially now that we started week 2, but I just couldn't help myself. I forgot to drink water, I ended up
drinking only 3 cups of water all day long yesterday, which is of course really really bad. I woke up 11:30 when my room's phone started ringing, I was sure they were worried about me since I usually wake up at 10 and head there around 11 when I get dressed, brush my teeth, tidy up my room a tiny bit, and all those things.

Speaking of brushing my teeth, we are advised not to do that, to avoid unnecessary toxins and at the same time give our mouth time to reset its taste buds. Not only are we advised against using the toothpaste, we are also advised to minimize showering, deodorant usage (especially the regular ones that we all know are harmful), creams, makeup, and anything. Honestly I have a hard time abiding by this specific advise, I don't want to end up stinky and smelly. I don't use creams or makeup, I tried to shower with my healthy natural olive oil soap, but still used conditioner, but thats all I can do for now.

Today started nicely though, in spite of my exhaustion and cranky mood. As soon as I got to our meeting room, the first person that saw me told me that I looked great and in shape, and it took a moment to figure out that it was me! Ofcourse I'm sure its an exaggeration, but was still happy to receive this comment first thing in the morning. But that wasn't everything, one by one everyone I met told me that I looked great, pretty, and sexy. One lady that I adore told me that I will end up to be a total hit! "After you are done you will look like a model!" she said. Honestly, exaggeration or not, I am more than happy to receive those comments and will embrace them to the fullest. That put a good kick to my day.

The lovely comments weren't the only thing that lifted my spirits; I keep receiving messages from people commenting on my fasting posts and how it has inspired them, and how proud they are from me. It is always a treat to receive feedback, and find love and support flowing in from very different and sometimes unexpected people. A real honor.

Yesterday I started having my first signs of stomach acidity. I do have issues with that, when I did the test back in November it turned out I was only one step away from a stomach ulcer, and took two medications daily since then. Ofcourse since I hate meds and all that, I would skip a couple of days in the middle just because, until my stomach acidity bites back a couple of days later. When I started the fast I decided to stop the medication, the doctor felt the same way, at the end of the day if the fast cures diabetes, multiple sclerosis, helps cure cancer, and heals many things, why wouldn't it also cure my stomach acidity issues?! It wasn't the fasting that caused the acidity, which wasn't terrible by the way (I've had much worse), it was the honey in my herbal tea drinks, and possibly also the herbal tea itself, I only got the acidity after I started drinking them. I suppose they were making my stomach work a tiny bit, thus causing the acidity to increase. As of that moment yesterday I decided to stop my intake of any honey or herbal teas, in hope of giving my body time to cure this issue and heal it. Let us pray that it works.

In celebration with our completion of 7 days fasting we were rewarded with a tiny mini outing, a simple walk out of our usual territory. We all got super excited, many girls put on makeup (including me), headed to the cars, and drove off. The walk was pleasant, a bit windy, and we all got tired after and were ready to go home.

Instead of the evening lecture today we had a speaker, telling her the story of her very inspiring experience with fasting and the great effect it had on her. It is amazing what the fast can help you cure! I will talk about this more in another post, but I just must say that I am extremely proud of this amazing person who passed through so much, had the courage to take the risk of fasting with her conditions, and went through it all, and got much better. God bless you sweetheart <3

We ended the day with another lovely musical evening, and we even discovered a new amazing voice! It lifted our spirits up so much, it was such a joy to be part of this incredible positive energy, a true blessing. Ofcourse our doctor started panicking when singing voices went up too high, and people starting dancing, after all we are not supposed to exert much effort. But music and pure joy can only help us heal and be positive. I'm happy.

8 days of fasting, 6 days to go.

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