Sunday, March 16, 2014

2nd day of re-feeding after 14 days of fasting

I couldn't sleep last night, i spent hours and hours in bed just trying to fall asleep but in vain. After about two hours I finally slept, only to wake up a few hours later, again unable to sleep. It was a torturous night, I felt sick and dizzy. After hours of unrest I finally managed to get back sleep, but woke up to find that I already missed breakfast and a lecture was in progress! If you have been reading my blog you would know that I don't miss those lectures no matter what, this was the very first time for me to miss a lecture since the day I arrived here. I was still dizzy, nauseous, and my heart was palpitating, I had no clue why, I didn't even have those side effects when I was fasting, so why now?!

I showered, got dressed, still with the same dizziness, nausea, and heart palpitations, finally making it to the meeting room. My breakfast juice was set aside, but in my state I didn't feel like drinking it. I was advised to take a few sips and see if it helps, and thank God it did. Apparently my body is reorganizing itself or something, so some changes might occur during this time, and that is good. My breakfast was slow juiced carrot and orange juice, it was super yummy, I loved and enjoyed it. As soon as I was done it was already lunch time! I tried to stall since I had just finished my breakfast juice (cantaloupe smoothie…YUM!), and eventually decided to take my lunch to my room, sip on it while I finish the Identity magazine's article that was due. I tried working outside in my balcony to enjoy the sun and the view, but it was cold and very windy. I ended up working inside, but left the balcony's door opened just so I wouldn't feel like I was locked in a box.

When I finished my article I was falling asleep, I needed a nap badly but was afraid that I would miss our second lecture. I kept my mobile on silent instead of do not disturb just so it would vibrate and that would be enough to wake me up, and that worked magnificently. I made it in time for dinner, which seemed ok at the beginning, but by the end of my cup I couldn't stand it and I couldn't finish it, it just left a terrible taste in my mouth. I wasn't the only complainer, though a few people did enjoy it as it is. I hope we don't have this in any other future meal.

The lecture was great, a brief sum-up about the things we learned earlier, freshening up our lazy minds. After the lecture we decided to have another movie night, we ended up watching "Now you see me". The movie was great and enjoyable, I have a slight issue with the ending, but not that a big issue that would cause me to dislike the movie, I still loved it.

Now, after a long day, I just want to lay down, enjoy a movie, then sleep. But dare I open the TV after being faced twice with the sucky movie "Snakes on a plane"? If I open the TV and find it being aired one more time I think I will go crazy or kill the TV. I'm not in the mood for the movies that I actually have on my laptop, so that is confusing. I'll stop hassling you and figure it out offline.

14 days of fasting, 2 days of re-feeding, 5 more days to go.

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