Monday, March 10, 2014

Fasting: Day 10

There was a very interesting side discussion today about eating animals and what was mentioned in religious books, the Bible and Quran mainly, and its is insane what we reached. According to a verse in the bible meat should
only be used for survival and to avoid starvation. While in the Quran, apparently one nutritionist that was also very religious did a study about this, and he discovered that meats in general were mentioned only 18%, while fruits were mentioned 82%! Isn't that a huge indication to what we should actually consume?! I find this fascinating. Will I turn into a complete vegetarian? I plan to yes, except on certain occasions that I chose, like my birthday where I am wishing to have the most amazing perfect and completely satisfying seafood meal ever! Thats a plan! But generally I will try my best to convert to a completely plant based diet. I don't have big issues with meats, cause already I turned vegetarian in that sense several times in my life, including not eating eggs. The real struggle for me will be completely avoiding milk, yogurt, and cheese, which according to research are worse than meats. My other struggle will be trying to eliminate olive oil (or oils in general) from my diet, but it is definitely worth a try. I believe that with some recipes it will be easy, but with some other recipes it seems to be quite impossible. I guess occasional usage won't be a disaster, but definitely not daily. I will talk about all of this in another post hopefully.

Today we watched a lecture by Dr. Mcdougall himself. It is amazing and scary, the amount of information that is kept away from us! Aparently there have been many studies that showed how bad animal protein and dairy products are bad for us, cancer and heart diseases causing. There are not just recent studies and discoveries, some are dated back to 1904! I can't remember the name of that specific guy, but he proved that people, including professional athletes, show incredible physical strength and health improvement when they follow a plant based diet. Why is this information kept away from us for so long? 1904 our grandparents weren't even born yet! So much could have changed if the government and the people with the financial benefits around the world hadn't decided to keep us under very unhealthy food.

I lost a little more weight, and started getting more compliments. I personally don't feel the huge difference, and I am sure that many people won't feel the difference that much, since most of the weight I lost is actually the weight I gained the past year and a half or two years. But I am still feeling great about it, and I am in no hurry to rush things, the only thing I care about is losing weight healthily; thats what I want, and thats what I need.

I have a problem with consuming enough water. Its not that I am craving food, I really am far from hungry, but I guess that I feel like I had enough water. I thought the problem was that when our water filter died we were consuming dasani water, which I absolutely can't stand, but thats not the only issue here. Yes, my consumption post Dasani increased, but I am still far from what I need to be consuming. I just can't get myself to finish the cup of water, and I keep holding it for a very long time just trying to get myself to drink the whole damn thing!

I am still off the honey and herbal teas, and the heartburn definitely is way better than it was. I am only afraid that I don't have enough time for my stomach to completely heal itself before we start our re-feeding period and break our fast. I really hope it heals, I don't want to go back to medications.

I started my first relaxation yoga today, it was easy, simple, and yea, relaxing. One lady started crying after we were done, it reminded me of myself in December when I went on the yoga retreat and cried like crazy twice in front of everyone. The weird thing about it is that you are not really thinking about anything negative when this happens, you are just crying, full stop. It is a good thing though, it means that you are releasing a lot of negative energy and harmful things that are stored deep inside you. For me, I felt so much better after those releases, and I left the yoga retreat feeling reborn, even though the retreat lasted for very few days. When you feel like crying, when you feel like laughing, just go with it, don't hold back.

I had a good long talk with one of the members, someone older that I can trust. The whole conversation was about relationships and my issues with relationships, things I passed through, and things I am afraid of. He shared his insights, and even a little of his personal experiences to help give me perspective on how to handle things. His main advice was to always protect yourself, be there for yourself, and don't expect others to do those things for you. He advised me to not store feelings deep inside me, protect my sensitive self, and be selective in my relationships. I really appreciated the talk, it is always a great thing to receive advise from people that are not trying to push you towards one direction, and even more great to receive advise from wise people.

10 days of fasting completed, 4 days to go.

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