Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1st time to eat actual food! (3rd day of refeeding after 14 days of fasting)

Today was by far one of the most fun days of the retreat.

It started out a little off, I just couldn't get myself out of the room, clothes piled on the bed with my over thinking of what to wear, and i spent hours trying to figure out something interesting to do with my hair; after 2 hours of this I finally decided to wear anything, and undid everything I did to my hair. I arrived of course late, mid of the lecture. I didn't feel hungry yet, but was told I must eat, so my breakfast was served, I loved it, it kind of tasted like mangoes mixed with something else even though its ingredients were bananas, whole oranges, and strawberries (different recipe than the one I have on my blog). I really enjoyed my breakfast. I was told the girls were hanging out by the sea, so I decided to look for them, but apparently they went on a boat ride. I decided to hang around by the beach. Got my earphones and started listening to music, I was in heaven; it just felt so peaceful and beautiful, I wanted to stay like this for the rest of my life.

I received a call saying that I missed my lunch and that I should come have it now or they can bring it to me. So I decided to join them so I wouldn't be socially isolated. When I arrived everyone had already gone to their rooms to rest or do whatever, so I decided to take my lunch back to the beach. As my cup got filled I was told I should drink some of it so that they can add some more, and so I tried to empty some space in my cup and had that tiny bit refilled. But apparently that was still too little and I was asked to drink quickly (because the drink oxidizes and changes taste with time) so I can have the rest, so again I drank up a bit more and had that bit refilled. The drink (banana and spinach smoothie) was just so heavy I couldn't finish it! So I set it aside while I listened to my music and watched fishes jumping in the sea, it was so magical. For a moment (or two) I felt like getting up and dancing (like nobody is watching), but I decided to stay put and enjoy the beauty of this moment as it is.

I decided to go to dinner on time since I haven't been very social throughout the day, so I went there 6 sharp, and no one was there. One by one people started showing up, and we started setting up the table with plates, forks, knives, and candles; we were having our very first actual food meal, a salad with tahini! Everyone was so excited about the salad, as though the were having a joyous feast. Plates were filled, emptied, and refilled. You could feel the happiness everywhere, excited voices, loud laughs, and overall enchantment with the very simple meal. You could see people's eyes filled with joy and pure pleasure as they chewed and chewed after 16 days of only drinking. The whole experience of the first meal was a real pleasure. We were even given a snack to take back to our rooms incase we got hungry. "It's mine alone?!" said one guy joking with a background of happiness for receiving a chewable snack. Our snack was as simple as one yellow apple.

The moon was gloriously shinning in the midst of a dark sky, with its sparkling reflection shimmering on the soft waves of the sea. We decided to sit there and watch the beauty of it all. We had a lecture but it got postponed because everyone was having such a wonderful night, they didn't want to spoil it for us. Time was spent joking, talking, laughing, with a background of an amazing playlist of music. Soon enough the guitar came out and we enjoyed some songs, singing along whenever we could. We were in very high spirits, we had a movie night, but we couldn't concentrate with the movie at all, we just kept rewinding the first bit, until we finally gave up and decided to give up the movie night. A few people got hungry (mostly the guys) and one sneaked in and came back with cut tomatoes and tahini. I knew a one of them hadn't had enough to eat for dinner and they were running out of tomatoes so I sneaked in and came back with more tomatoes. I was extremely full, but decided to have a slice of tomato to be an official partner in crime. As people added cumin, tahini, and started enjoying the food we got busted! This is was the highlight of the day! It was too hilarious, everyone was laughing out loud like we were being massively tickled. As soon as we got busted the guy holding the cumin as though it was cocaine, and another played dead. It was an extremely funny situation! I am laughing out loud about it again while writing about it. We got banned from the tahini, but it was ok to finish the tomatoes. It was just so hilarious that we were committing an organized heist as a group for just some tomatoes and tahini! And even then we failed and got busted!

Again we tried to watch the movie and failed. As soon as everyone was full and satiated, we decided to call it a night and go to our rooms. Tomorrow we have soup and bread for dinner! It will be our first warm meal… Can't wait!

14 days of fasting completed, 3 days of refeeding, 4 more days to go.

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