Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fasting: Day 5

Today was my first re-energized day. I was able to generally do more throughout the day, and even wrote my first Facebook status about the retreat. Even though somehow we are mostly taking it easy, doing the minimal effort, I still found no time to do anything during my previous days, mostly
sleeping the first couple of days, and generally getting used to the new routine, place, and people. Today is different, I have more energy, more relaxed, I guess overall I would consider myself one of the luckier ones that faced the minimal issues in my first few days of fasting. Today I went for a walk with the group, and later on I swam twice (three times if you count 1 minute in the sea), that was fun. We are still advised to do the least effort and to stay less than 30 minutes under direct sunlight to prevent exhaustion; at the end of the day we are not in a "normal state" and cannot predict how our fasting bodies may chose to react.

I am not hungry at all, I only have very slight seconds of hunger every now and then, which I decide to not call being hungry  it barely lasts a moment, I don't get a chance to be irritated from the feeling since it disappears before I even realize that I am actually feeling it. I do however on a mental level miss food, it would be fun to have breakfast in my balcony, or grab a slice of pizza from one of the TV ads. Despite the mental reminiscing and the group's continuous discussions about foods and recipes, I am satisfied with my current state, I don't feel the actual need to eat, nor do I get bothered by the sight of food.

What I am enjoying the most are the nutrition and health lectures, despite of the VERY uncomfortable chairs. There is always something new to learn, more experiences to witness, more knowledge to acquire, and more space for my mind to grow. Today's lecture was mostly a talk and a discussion, Nader decided it is best to have a closer discussion with us so we can relate more, benefit more, and ask any lingering questions we have, while benefiting everyone at the same time.
I finally feel settled, and more in the group than I was before. The group is generally really nice, all very different people coming from different places and careers, coming for very different reason, all aspiring to do real changes in their lives. It is always inspiring to be part of a group, especially during major life changes, it helps widen your perspective, encourages you to keep going, all while other people's experiences inspire you every single moment of every single day.
Personally, I'm so glad I'm doing this radical change, and proud of myself for what I have achieved so far, including the many positive changes I did before this retreat.

5 days of fasting almost done, 9 more days to go.

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